Chapter M — Mom is Moving

Mehdi Maghsoodnia
3 min readAug 9, 2023

Change is an inevitable part of life, often marked by moments that tug at my heart and evoke a cascade of emotions. Recently, my family has been facing a significant transition that has stirred a whirlwind of feelings within me. My mother, now at the age of 80, has been confronted with the task of selling our cherished family home following the passing of my father. This turn of events has brought a mixture of sadness and nostalgia, as we prepare to bid farewell to a place that holds a tapestry of precious memories.

Our house, a repository of decades of shared experiences, has been a silent witness to countless family gatherings. The walls echo with laughter from boisterous celebrations and warm conversations around the dining table. It’s a place where time seemed to stand still, capturing the essence of our family’s journey through life. Many of our fondest memories were woven into the very fabric of this house, becoming an integral part of our identity.

One cannot help but feel sorrow at the prospect of leaving behind a place that has witnessed so many milestones. The walls, which have seen children grow into adults, and the floors that have been the playground for many of our kids, seem to hold an indelible connection to our family’s past. Each corner carries a story — stories of friendship, Persian jokes, long political debates, poetry and love.